Readers’ reactions to ‘The North Beyond’

This is the keynote review so far, contributed by a reader of The North Beyond.

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“(The) beautifully written opening part of The North BeyondNumirantoro introduces us to new characters and countries in a fantasy world that is refreshingly devoid of pseudo-Tolkien paraphernalia, and instead focuses on complex, believable humans. The pacing is excellent, skipping elegantly through important episodes in an extended time-span. This is just beautifully-written, understated fantasy dealing with adult themes without resorting to the horrific gore of other recent fantasy heavyweights. I would highly recommend it … especially to people like me who have been waiting for a really GOOD addition to the genre.

Maesrhon is an excellent part 2 of 4. It … serves to introduce new mysteries which hint at a truly spectacular finale to the series in book 4. This is wonderful, original fantasy.

Part 3 of The North Beyond, following Numirantoro and MaesrhonHaldur takes the series in a direction that is rather unexpected at first, but which quickly proves to add great depth to both the world and the overarching plot of the cycle … magically beautiful landscape writing … I really haven’t wanted to be inside a book so much for a very long time. The mountains and valleys are brought vividly into the mind’s eye, whilst always playing second fiddle to strong characterisations and an exciting plot.

… Artorynas … (I) continued reading without a pause … until I had reached the epic conclusions of this wonderful cycle. A genuinely original fantasy offering that is neither Tolkien re-hash nor mediaeval sword-and-sorcery, but rather a tale of a people with a deep connection to their land. For me that is what fantasy should be about, and having been rather disappointed with so much other fantasy, I was absolutely captivated by The North Beyond. Can’t recommend it enough.”

And here are some other comments from readers. You can see more reviews on Amazon.

Brilliant read! Can’t wait to read volume two! A magnificent novel which grabs you from the start. The characters are amazingly well drawn in a setting that captivates the reader. I took it on holiday and just couldn’t put it down! Thank goodness there’s more to come!

I guarantee that once you’ve whetted your appetite with Part 1, you’ll be desperate to dive into Part 2! A marvellous book which would lend itself beautifully to a three or four part film – move over ‘The Lord of the Rings’..!

I would thoroughly recommend this as an engrossing, beautifully written, read.

can’t wait to get stuck into Books 2, 3 and 4 to see how the story continues. I have a feeling that I’ll be left wanting more, even when I get to the end!

The fascinating descriptions and the growing sense of hope and foreboding have me hooked.

I am half-way through Part 4. What will I do when I finish? I am going to have a break and then start again. I think it’ll be even better second time around.

This is going to be a huge success.

A fantasy without wizards! …a wonderful story… descriptive passages are beautifully written and very well informed… a very obvious talent for writing.

This was a brilliant novel, a fitting climax to all that had gone before… the reader is carried along on a wonderfully descriptive wave, many times moved to tears.

Words fail me. It is just tremendous. I love it.

gripping tale of adventure, discovery, intrigue, hope, treachery, danger, terror, despair and triumph.

I think The North Beyond is a hidden gem.

I’m overwhelmed and overawed by the realms of your imagination.

It’s so real, you would swear the author had actually been to the places described.

Hardly put it down after starting it.

I found the writing elegant and engaging, the characters complex and believable.

Congratulations on a wonderful work of literature.

A triumph of linguistic power and boundless imagination.

The best book I’ve read in 25 years!