The North Beyond

The North Beyond has been published in four parts but is not a tetralogy! It is one continuous story and has been split up like this simply because of its length.

It is a tale of three countries, two races, one destiny. Three countries that slip gradually into a war they could have prevented; two races estranged by loss of belief and trust. One destiny: for all inhabit this earth, and its ruin will be their ruin.

Read more here about each of the four volumes: ‘Numirantoro’, ‘Maesrhon’, ‘Haldur’ and ‘Artorynas’.


The North Beyond - Part 1: Numirantoro CoverPart 1 : Numirantoro

What could ever go wrong in Caradward, a rich, thriving, confident country? But its heart is being gnawed from within, where something rotten lurks.

Yet there is always hope, if men know where to find it.

Were the Starborn simply a myth? Or were they driven from the world by some deed of men and if so, could they ever return?

While Arval seeks an answer, Numirantoro discovers the bitter truth of the old saying: be very careful what you wish for. As the gloom deepens and Vorynaas makes a dreadful vow in the darkness of his heart, Arval is left almost alone to endure, to hold the torch of hope aloft, to wait…

Amazon Reviews:

Brilliant read! Magnificent… just couldn’t put it down…

…a wonderful world, full of fascinating characters and customs…



The North Beyond -Part 2: Maesrhon CoverPart 2 : Maesrhon

The tale continues, and now it is Maesrhon’s story that unfolds.

Why does Vorynaas hate him? Vorynaas, restlessly scheming for ever more wealth and power.

Why is Arval watching over him? Arval, the guardian of two secret promises, always searching for the knowledge that will unlock their meaning.

Why does the wilderness haunt Maesrhon’s dreams? Maesrhon, so alone, so different, burdened by a mysterious choice he must one day make.

Eventually, all doubts cast aside at last, he takes up his heritage and sets out on a fateful quest, treading the long, dangerous road that leads to the north beyond…

Amazon Reviews:

Even better than Part 1! The suspense is truly gripping…

…a wonderfully descriptive and exciting story…




The North Beyond - Part 3: HaldurPart 3 : Haldur

The story now tells of a new country, Rihannad Ennar: serene, secure, untouched by the troubles far to the south. But Maesrhon, arriving there after a desperate struggle for survival, will be the innocent breaker of its peace.

Beset by fear and unease, its lord Carapethan makes two momentous decisions. He risks the life of his son Haldur for the sake of his beloved country, and forces Maesrhon to set out north once more.

Although Maesrhon, free at last to use his true name of Artorynas, and sworn in friendship with Haldur, would gladly have stayed, he knows that Rihannad Ennar cannot offer him an end to his search.

Far to the north though it may be, it is not the north beyond. And now he must seek Asward donn’Ur, the fabled dwelling-place of the Starborn.

Dare he hope that this legendary land will prove to be the north beyond?

Amazon Reviews:

Another brilliant read!

…amazing, gripping…



Book Cover Part 4: ArtorynasPart 4 : Artorynas

Now the pace gradually quickens as events speed towards their conclusion. When many lives are ruined and none left unchanged, how can anything ever be the same again?

Three promises kept, two prophecies fulfilled, one sacrifice offered; and a vow forced to its desperate end. No more secrets, said Artorynas. But there were… and when a price must be paid, sometimes it is the wrong people who bear the cost.

If only the gate could stand half-open once more… if only through it could come that air from another world: just a touch, a whisper, the merest breath from the north beyond…

Amazon Reviews:

…a terrific achievement…

…a wonderful story… also very thought-provoking…

…absolutely brilliant… just tremendous…