The North Beyond: as it says in the jacket blurb, ‘three countries, two races, one destiny’. When setting out to create a world in words, where do you start? With a story, obviously; but after that you need a map. With a map to work from, you can follow your characters as they travel or journey; see at a glance the relationship of one country to another, the direction of one town from the next; and avoid any possible mistakes with the points of the compass, distances and so on.

The original sketch map was consulted daily throughout the four years of writing The North Beyond. It still exists, albeit in a battered, tattered, faded and dog-eared state. But there have been so many requests from readers for a map of their own, so that they too could follow the action of the story on it, that the way forward was clearly to produce a better map that could be downloaded and kept alongside the book/s.

So here it is! Not just one map, but four, so that plenty of detail can be shown. All four can be downloaded and if required can then be taped together – you will see that each sheet has been drawn so that the edges can be overlapped to make a single image. Sheet 1 goes at top left, Sheet 2 at top right, with Sheets 3 and 4 underneath these. You’ll see that the map is stylised rather than geographically precise, also that no scale is shown. However the relative positions of places shown are faithful to the story and readers should find it easy to follow the action and draw their own conclusions about distances.

Sheet 1 of 4

Sheet 2 of 4

Sheet 3 of 4

Sheet 4 of 4